Yorba Linda Facebook RC post“The melodic guitar really helps sort of clear the mental “pallet” and helps you relax and enjoy the journey you’re taking the listener on. Keep it up . . . great stuff!”
– Greg

“Really wonderful compositions Rob. Mesmerizing, particularly Goodnight Eyes…I’m drifting away.”
Michael Mucklow

“Your music’s great. I am going to add it to our radar list… I mean it, it’s excellent.”
Brian Mc Tear, Weathervane Music, Shaking Through

“I was listening to some of your music this morning as I was working in my office. It soothed me, enabling me not to shoot anyone today.”
– Dave

“Your music is a kaleidescope of melodies, a melodic rainbow.”
– Mark W.

“Your music is beautifully peaceful and melodic. Every track is just wonderful!”
Anna Johnson

“Very poignant lyrics really ministered to me.”
– GL

“Your music soothes the savage beast.”
– Patrick J

“…Captivating vibe and well crafted music…”
Rocco & Rahj

“Thanks Rob your love for arrangement and thoughtful sound always puts a long day of confusion to rest and comforts the soul!!”
– Pastor Scotty

“Rob, I could listen to your music all day, I LOVE it and as far as being influenced by Michael Hedges, that is a great thing, he died so far before his time but I have found a man here that has that same mystic quality in his music!!!”
– A.W. Cobb

“Rob – heard you recently at La Cave and LOVED your music!”
– Joan

“I joined in with the songster Rob Chiavelli, on some of his chiming open-string-ambiguous instrumental pieces, and it was… wonderful…as I tuned in carefully to his ebb and flow, I found myself playing at an unfamiliarly high level…”
– Warren ( jam at the Santa Ana Art Walk)

“…Rob had a great deep sound and magical guitar.”
– From the Neighborhood Cup Newsletter after a 3 song set

“It’s awesome how you seem to capture what I believe is on many people’s hearts (through your lyrics) . . . but because of the pace and the cares of this world, we rarely take the time to rest and ponder on.”
– Greg L

“I like the way you share your heart, your thoughts and your honesty… Keep on keeping it real, bro! It’s refreshing and wonderful.”
– Marcia E


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