Sun Rays, Turtle Crossings and Following the Flow


OK, it’s story time.

This morning I decided to head to a local country restaurant for breakfast. While on the way I was taking in the beauty of the natural clouds (rare) and the sun rays coming through them. Sun rays are of interest lately for reasons I wont go into here but I was really digging what I was seeing. As I kept an eye out for a place to pull over and get a good shot, I got a little frustrated a couple times when someone was right behind me and I could not pull over at the spots I wanted to.

Then I got that sense that there was more to this excursion than me getting a quick photo. I continued down the road yielding in my spirit to the Fathers lead, open to anything that may present itself.

A couple minutes later I come to an open field that would allow for a good shot. I travel a little further to turn around and head back to the spot and capture the moment. On the way to my photo spot I spot a turtle just starting across the road. It is after all, turtle crossing season here in West Kentucky. So I pass the little critter up, get my shot and turn around again to go help him across the road so he doesn’t end up part of the road.


As I am heading that way, scanning the side of the road I see no turtle. I pass a slow moving car and the driver waves at me. I turn around again and the guy is pulling over and waves me over. I pull up and he says, “I got im”. I paused looking at him like he just read my mail.

I say,

“The turtle?”

“Yeah, I got im and set im off the road.”

“How’d you know what I was up to?”

“I could tell. I stop for em all the time.”


“Yeah, me too!”

I got out and we hit it off like old friends. I gave him a CD  and we talked about music, love for animals and how crows are smarter than some people we know.

So I guess the message is, remember to yield to the flow… because you never know…..

You may get the opportunity to save a critter or meet another kindred soul.


Grace & Peace,





By Driftwood Scavenger Posted in General

One comment on “Sun Rays, Turtle Crossings and Following the Flow

  1. Haha….loved it! Jamie Anderson is an old friend of mine who has sent me your musings on several occasions (I am also a musician):-) I have a wordpress account called Forging the Flow – about just that – the stories, the miracles, the ‘coincidences’ which are divine entering in for the moment to remind us to be aware…. So, of course, I loved your turtle story. Fun stuff:-)

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