Driftwood Scavenger – Natural Progressions CD Release

DSC01038Driftwood Scavenger – Natural Progressions is complete. I had originally posted 3 songs last year as an “album in progress”. I added two more songs a little later and now the last three are done as well as the final remixes and mastering.

This album is an all instrumental dynamic ambient/acoustic journey to where ever it takes you.

The sounds all originate from acoustic and electric guitars but take on other dimensions with layers of effects and multiple tracks.


I wanted to do something more creative than the lifeless paper sleeves that I have used in the past so I had the Driftwood Scavenger logo that I drew a few years ago turned into a rubber stamp and got some recycled cardboard sleeves that really go well with stamped art.

The disc itself features the same laser etching that I have used on CD’s for years.

CD’s can  be ordered by clicking the “buy” link below.

For more about the packaging and a bundle deal on two albums for $20.00, click HERE.

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