Chiavelli Crawford

CC crate trailThe music of Chiavelli Crawford expresses

Inquiry & Resolution

Lament & Joy

Turmoil & Peace

Fear & Love

An olio of human emotions

A soundtrack to the pursuit of light in the midst of darkness.

Chiavelli Crawford is Rob Chiavelli, a singer songwriter – instrumental guitarist and Scott Crawford, a seasoned, creative guitarist with a keen sense of harmony.  When the duo first formed they focused on a number of tunes already written by Chiavelli. Crawford breathed new life into songs that were seemingly written in anticipation of his tasteful contributions.

The duo played around Orange County for a few months from 2011-2012 evolving those songs and growing together as a musical unit.

CC produced two albums from that initial period of the fusing of their talents. Those albums are Ponder the Road and Now is Gone. They then stepped into a season of exploring the different facets of the music they create and experimenting with nuance and dynamics and how to capture the synergy of their collaboration.

As Chiavelli Crawford refine their sound, they are focusing on letting the music tell the story. They have released the instrumental mini album Just a Taste which is a taste of what is to come from this genre defying duo.

Stay tuned.